March 9–12, 2020
Exhibits: March 11-12, 2020
Mandalay Bay • Las Vegas, NV

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Our program offers you access to informative sessions across multiple tracks with industry experts presenting insights, ideas, best practices and more.


Events not only have to be great, but they also have to be profitable to ensure long-term success and growth. Learn from experts on dealing with business situations unique to the event industry.


As a seasoned event professional, you have unique business needs and aspirations. Share your perspectives and hear the views of others of like-minded professionals at your same level.


We all want to WOW our event clients. Get the latest on design trends from creative experts that will open your eyes to the coolest products and services that can help support your event design strategy.


Producing flawless events means understanding every detail and organizing them into a cohesive, over-the-top event. Learn the tricks, techniques and tools for producing better events more efficiently.


We live in a scary world and event safety is more important now than ever before. Learn the essentials and best practices to ensure preparedness for the safety and security of your events.


Event tech has become an essential part of every planner's event toolbox. Discover everything you need to know about A/V, mobile applications, event lighting, special effects, staging, and more.


Gain insights and best practices that you need to know to get your job done. Industry experts will show you powerful tools, trends and tactics for sales, marketing, video, sponsorships, PR, and more.


Keep up with the latest wedding trends, products and techniques. Learn how top planners put produce their fabulous weddings, how they handle difficult clients, and how to manage wedding crises.