January 8 – 10, 2019
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California

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Val Vigoda


Val Vigoda is a transformational entertainer—connecting with and uplifting her audiences, galvanizing them toward fearlessness and igniting their innate confidence and creativity—through her one-of-a-kind combination of world class vocals, dazzling electric violin, trailblazing technology and heartfelt, authentic musical storytelling. Her arsenal of talents drives home her rabble-rousing, empowering message.

Val's unique personal story of repeatedly facing into her greatest fears, rising to
challenges in order to grow and play larger in the world, resonates with anyone who has ever felt insecurity, stagnation, or the fear of not being "enough." The listlessness and self-doubt we feel from cloaking our greatest ideas is an internal cry for life-changing power; we were meant and made for so much more. As a classical violinist turned rebel, former backup musician to
rock stars and an Off-Broadway star herself, Val knows that nothing connects more primally with humans than music; it accentuates the content she teaches, guiding people toward a more vivid place where they are pushing their edges and thriving in uncertainty.


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