January 8 – 10, 2019
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California

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Mr. Alan Helbush

Where To Start, Technology Solutions


Alan Helbush has spent nearly 40 years as an information technology professional. Alan has worked for many Silicon Valley technology companies supporting their business infrastructure and security. His work allowed them to keep their business on the cutting edge freeing them to innovate.

In 1991 Alan choose to break out on his own to focus on supporting small and mid-size businesses. He specializes in medical and dental clinics and focuses on security, his knowledge, and experience with a wide range of companies gives him a unique perspective enabling him to take a holistic approach to businesses.

Technology changes quickly; Alan works to keep his clients abreast of useful technological advances. He believes the future is less about technology and more about finding solutions to real-world business problems with robust solutions.


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