January 8 – 10, 2019
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California

Diamond Sponsors

Press badges provide access to The Special Event conference sessions, workshops, trainings and/or exhibit hall. Please view our Photography/Video Policy below. Badges are granted at TSE’s discretion and are issued solely for the purposes of reporting on the show exhibits and other news associated with TSE. To qualify for a complimentary press badge for TSE, the applicant must cover the industry on a regular basis by publishing articles or writing regular reports on the events industry. Private consultants or bloggers who are paid by an individual company are not eligible for a press badge, and should request an attendee exhibit hall pass from the sponsoring company.

PRESS CREDENTIALS consist of a business card with your name, media outlet and title as well as ONE of the following:

  • A sample of an article published within the past three (3) months that clearly displays authorship;
  • A copy of publication masthead including your name (or link to your online publication with your name and title appearing in an editorial capacity) – see accepted titles below;
  • Printed or online article clearly displaying authorship (online news outlets must contain original news content and post original, dated, industry-related news on a regular basis)

Note: Press Credentials are reserved for editorial staff and analysts. The following types of titles will be reviewed as follows:

Examples of accepted titles: Associate Editor, Business Editor, Editor-in-Chief, Executive Editor, Features Editor, Managing Editor, Reporter, Senior Writer, Staff Writer, Journalists, Industry Analysts, TV Host.

Examples of titles NOT accepted: Account Executive, Administrative Assistant, Assistant production titles, Associate Publisher, Blogger, CEO, Marketing/PR titles, President, Publisher, Sales titles, Vice President.

Pre-registration is recommended. Press registering on-site at the conference should bring all necessary supporting documentation. TSE reserves the right to deny press registration at any time based on its interpretation of these requirements, including during the pre-registration and on-site media registration process.

Photography/Video Policy
Working members of the press are required to check-in at Registration, receive an authorization badge. Filming, videotaping and photography are prohibited at all events, education and seminar sessions, including keynote presentations. No one, including working press, may videotape any portion or the TSE conference program without express written permission from conference management. TSE’s conference program includes any and all keynotes, sessions, workshops, short courses, training classes, speeches, discussions and panels. If an organization or individual has been determined to publish or post video or audio of any part of TSE’s  events or conference program, that organization or individual may be barred from attending future TSE events.

Questions? Please contact the Marketing Director.