January 8 – 10, 2019
San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California

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Take advantage of the best event education in the world!

Our education program offers you access to over 100 sessions across multiple conference tracks with 200+ speakers presenting insights, ideas, best practices and more.


At the end of the day our success is not only measured by producing great events, we also have to be profitable to ensure long-term success and growth of our business. This track provides the essential learnings from event experts on topic areas such as: negotiating & writing contracts, establishing an effective pricing strategy, marketing, branding and promoting your company, and dealing with business situations unique to the event industry.
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Food is entertainment, it is fun, creative, and can also be part of your design. Are you serving-up great menus that fit your event theme and attendee tastes? Find out how you can turn up the heat at your events with inspired menus that address the latest food trends, tastefully address special diets such as vegan, gluten free and how to incorporate your menu into your event theme and design. TSE's the place to get event-focused culinary techniques and insights, including our CPCE Fast Track Training.
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Keeping up with the latest wedding trends, products and techniques is a full-time job. Let TSE make the learning curve easier for you. We've called on top wedding pros to give you up-to-the-minute trend reports-including lots of visuals and real-world examples. Find out how top planners handle difficult clients or wedding crises and see how some put together their own fabulous weddings.

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Learning to produce flawless events means understanding every detail and, at the same time, being able to organize these details into a cohesive, over-the top event. At TSE, some of the world's top event producers will teach you the tricks, techniques and tools for producing better events more efficiently.


We live in a scary world. Event safety is more important now than ever before. This new track is an essential component to every event and meeting planner’s plan to ensure preparedness for the safety and security of their events. Learn best practices to safeguard your events.


Event tech has become an essential part of every planner's event toolbox. At TSE you'll discover everything you need to know about A/V, phone apps, event lighting, special effects, staging, and much more.



As an event professional, the sales and marketing track will provide you the insights and best practices that you need-to-know to get your job done. Marketing experts will show you powerful tools, trends and tactics for social media, sales, mobile marketing, video, sponsorships, PR, and more.



As a corporate executive or seasoned event professional, you have accumulated wisdom and insight. Because of your experience and position of responsibility, you have unique business needs and aspirations. TSE offers an entire track with sessions which allow you to share your perspective and hear the views of others at your same level. You'll be learning at a level appropriate for a master event professional.


We all want to WOW our event clients This track helps you define "wow" from a design perspective. Event professionals with an expert eye for creative design will share the latest on design trends & colors and help you tap into your inner creativity and open your eyes to the coolest products and services that can help support your event design strategy.