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Faces of TSE

TSE Got Talent Facebook Contest Winners

Photo Nancy Bowen

Food Trucks to the Rescue!

At the Special Event Conference in Phoenix, my colleague attended a class on Hollywood event trends. She told me the presenter mentioned that "food trucks were out." That comment stuck with me because in Houston, Texas, food trucks hadn't even been "in" yet. READ MORE.
Photo Linda Cauiola

Taylor Swift Room Amenity
In 2010 we produced Taylor Swift for a corporate client. We were trying to think of something to put in her suite as an amenity that was unique and suited her personality. The usual flowers, chocolate strawberries, cookies etc. just weren't right. I knew that Taylor loves cowboy boots, guitars, butterflies, horses and all things sparkly. READ MORE

Vanessa Cominsky

From Basketball to Ballroom
The design for the Leadership Circle Gala hosted at the newly built Stroh Center at Bowling Green State University was based on illusion. The main idea was to use this new arena to host a black-tie event and make it look like a high-end venue. READ MORE

Joseph Mineo

Fashion Party - Models in Frames
A client came in with the concept for a party theme based on her daughters intense interest in fashion. The lavish Bat Mitzvah was to be a big budget affair with every element highlighting the young guest of honors’ early pursuit of a career in fashion and her passion for design. READ MORE

Shelly Tolo

Renting Decor Items from Antique Shops
I attended Richard Carbotti's session on Event Design at TSE 2012. He mentioned that they rented items from antique shops all of the time and they typically rented things for 10 - 15% of the retail value. I was hired to design a client's gala event in April that was Spanish themed. READ MORE