The Special Event 2013: TSE GIves Back 2013



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TSE Gives Back 

Event Chair:
Bonnie Heimback, Chicago and Beyond RTDO

TSE Gives Back….A Unique Opportunity for Illinois Partners In the past, TSE staff and organizers and Penton Media have created a “give back” program to thank the local community who welcomes and hosts the event.  In the past, projects have included “design makeover” on a low-income school in San Diego, blood drive in Phoenix and even a charitable Silent Auction.  For Chicago 2013 we have broadened the scope of the TSE Gives Back, and working with a giving concept to partner with Illinois stakeholders not just Chicago.

Working on the old proverb …if you give a man a fish and he eats for a day, BUT teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for life, The Special Event will give 50 Complimentary Education packages to teach Illinois non-profit organizations (attractions, museums, scenic byways, CVBs, etc., or any organization who creates and produces special events as a source of their OPERATING and SUSTAINABLE ANNUAL REVENUES), how to do their events bigger, better and with a much more profitable bottom line.

At this time we have been offered a program that consists of the following items which can be packaged and made available through scholarship/grant applications to 50 individuals representing 50 Illinois non-profit organizations:
•   Full Conference Registration (value - $825)
•   Access to the TSE Trade Show Floor (250-300 potential vendors and suppliers)
•   Over 100 Educational Sessions, with full access to ALL speaker presentations
•   Ability to serve as member of the TSE “Hands On Hundred” Committee, the volunteer hands-on workers who take master plans and operational schedules and produce from set-up through execution to tear-down the amazing events… what better way to learn how to do something than to actually get to do it..
•  Availability to secure conference lodging at the established rate…an unbelievable price for Chicago, properties at $115 per night

For more information and an application please contact:

Bonnie Heimbach
Chicago and Beyond RTDO
200 South State Street
Belvidere, IL  61008
(815) 547-3740 Phone and Fax
@ChgoandBeyond (Twitter)
ChicagoandBeyond (Facebook)